It is with great pleasure and honour I welcome you all to the website of our school.

Sacred Heart Convent, situated in the heart of the Southern shores of Sri Lanka, has been a home for thousands of learned women for more than twelve decades now and has reached excellence in numerous aspects growing in to an institute of remarkable versatility.

Sacred Heart Convent stands out to date since its outset due to the impact it makes on the lives of the students in terms of knowledge, attitudes, discipline and decorum. We here at Sacred Heart Convent firmly believes that the world will rather benefit more from a balanced personality than from an unbalanced scholar.

The academic staff of Sacred Heart Convent is seen working so hard, not hesitating to walk an extra mile when and where needed, to extract the best from the students to help them mold themselves into the best possible version of them.

While we help our students to reach their aspirations while being within the curricular framework of the National Education Policy of Sri Lanka in both Sinhala and English medium of instructions, we encourage them to become smarter in both physical and psychological aspects.

The students of our school are exposed to various extra and co-curricular activities ranging from sports to artistry and we here at Sacred Heart Convent takes extra concern to help students to grow spiritually simultaneously, and thus, become learned individuals with essence of humanity in the deepest of their hearts.

I feel myself unceasingly blessed to have been in a position to have students guided along with teachers, parents, past pupils and well-wishers to discover the best of themselves. I always believe that journey of a child to an adult with caliber is a self-process and we can only help them; myself together with the academic staff of the school are only instruments that can help children to ease the process.

With a greater love I’d also like to recall each and every soul gone before us that contributed to Sacred Heart Convent even with a word to become what it is today and you are most welcomed to witness its venture forward through this website of our school.

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus continue to bless each and every one of you and make this alma mater grow to be of service to many more generations being true to its motto “Cor unum anima una; one heart and one soul”.

May God Bless You!

Rev. Sr. Sandya Rani Fernando


Sacred Heart Convent, Galle.

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